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Creating Meaningful Impact


     My name is Sharry Sloan and I'm the owner and candle maker of a small Colorado business.  Sloan Family Farms' humble beginning was inspired by Clark Sloan, my amazing husband and an experienced beekeeper.  We understand the delicate existence of honeybees and their important contributions in a sustainable world.   

     Our pure natural beeswax candles look gorgeous and have a delightful smell of honey, they are pet-health friendly and offer health-conscious individuals a chemical free non-toxic alternative to other candles.  Each of our candles is hand poured creating a one-of-a-kind unique gift from nature!

Local Partnership

Clark's of Colorado

Clark’s of Colorado is committed to sustainable practices in beekeeping, honey production, and educating the community on how to support the bees and create an environment that sustains and welcomes pollinators. We place our hives in areas rich with forgeable resources and access to nearby water sources, keeping our hives healthy and strong year after year.  We encourage others to choose honey as a preferred sweetener and to learn how to become “BEE FRIENDLY!”

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